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I work for a movie website and as I was doing some research into what films we have buried in our archive, I discovered that we have Bukowski: Born Into This, and figured I'd try to spread the word. The movie deserves to be watched.

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Dear Chuck Palahniuk,

I respect you endlessly, but why do you feel the need to make every main character in every one of your books essentially the same, regardless of background, age, and gender? The only difference between Daisy St. Patience and Narrator is that they talk about having sex with different people. Your worst characters are your main characters.

Dear J.K. Rowling,

Why is Dumbledore gay? I mean, not that I have a specific problem with it. It's just mind-boggling. It doesn't really contribute to the plot at all. Did you do it for the sake of being controversial?

Honestly, all it did was explain why Dumbledore wears purple robes and give me fodder for jokes about his closeness with Harry.
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John Steinbeck--

Trying to describe the struggles of the working class is no excuse for spending three pages describing a turtle crossing a road. There's just NO EXCUSE.

(Chapter three of The Grapes of Wrath.)

Nathaniel Hawthorne--

Just stop whining. And get rid of the purple prose. And the "romantic touches" (a.k.a. plot holes). Are you sure you're not a teenage girl?



The Good Earth

Alright. Wang Lung. You suck. Guess what, I don't care in the LEAST that you were conditioned to think that women are inferior. O-lan did EVERYTHING for you, gave you sex, made you food, worked in the fields, and gave you babies (sparing you the bloody childbirth and trouble, might I add). She even got you the jewels that you end up getting filthy rich with. And then you go and call her shit? Take that conditioning and shove it.

Julius Caesar

Brutus = pussy. You're never right, did you realize that? EVERY decision that Cassius lets you get away with is BAD, hence you dying at the end. Cassius is too good for you. I'm not mourning your death at all.
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I have an announcement to make...

Lord of the flies SUCKS.
and if I hear one more person say Battle Royale is just like it, I will maim them. BIG HONKIN DIFFERENCE between having a plane crash on an island with a bunch of stupid kids who decided to kill each other and taking a class of highschoolers, handing them an arsenal of weapons and forcing them to kill each other till there is one left.

That is all ^_^